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Bitting's offers human and veterinary compounded medications and flavorings. Most are available within twenty four hours. As your #1 Ocala Compounding Pharmacy in Florida, we offer hormone replacement therapy, troches, transdermal gels, suppositories and lip balms. We'll custom mix creams, lotions, capsules, solutions, powders and topical sprays. Do you need a traditional medicine formulated at an unusual dose or special flavoring?

Listed are some custom medication tailored to your needs. For example:

  • If you are allergic to an inactive ingredient, such as a preservative or dye, our pharmacist can make that medication without that ingredient.

  • If your child cannot swallow pills, we can make a liquid option.

  • If you take hormones, your body may react better to bioidentical hormone therapy.

Talk to our pharmacist about using compounding to tailor your medication to your unique needs. Together with your doctor, we can find a treatment that works for you.